Sometimes a  content copywriter will need to be controversial and stick their head above the parapet. And sometimes when said content copywriter sticks their head above the parapet it will be beaten back down with such force that it will make Marie Antoinette’s decapitated head on the guillotine look like a facial massage. In the age of the snowflake and the safe space, anyone who doesn’t hold a view that is part of the common consensus is vilified.But if you have aspirations of being a top content copywriter sometimes you’ll need to write controversial stuff. Why may you ask? Well the reason is that provocative content can grab the headlines and in the age of masses of content its vital that you stand out from the herd. Its a bit like a musician who has a big bag of tricks in his repertoire, a content copywriter will need to be able to demonstrate his ability to write from multiple voices and controversial should be one of them voices.   Below is a poltical post I’ve written in relation to so called terrorism.

The terrorist attacks in Manchester, Barcelona, and other places has intensified the debate as to how to prevent the radicalization of young Muslims and here’s a revolutionary idea. How about instead of the US giving 110billion in arms to Saudi Arabia, like they recently have, they instead give 110billion to try and rebuild the middle east that the US and their allies have bombed to smithereens. 

 Maybe if these people are given a chance of rebuilding their homes and countries they will stop flooding the shores of Europe. Instead of masses of disgruntled Muslims being settled in a culturally alien Europe, a strategy that is bound to lead to long term fractures in social cohesion, these people should be helped closer to home.

 The fact is that since time immemorial there has always been friction between Muslims and Christians and only a naive and dangerous fool would believe that shifting the middle east demographic towards Europe will solve these issues. 

 The root cause of radicalization is the bombing, plunder, and destruction of the middle east and until this issue is sorted I believe the coming generations will reap a worldwind for the crimes committed in the middle east. To atone for these sins the west should start a Marshall Plan( similar to what rebuilt Europe after world war two) but unfortunately, this looks unlikely as western leaders lead us all on the road to perdition, at pace.

 But unfortunately, the only real guarantee is another inane vacuumous response that is akin to an empty vessel making lots of noise on the high seas as it heads to inevitable shipwreck. Our leaders will stick to the course of dividing European nations along cultural and ethnic lines. A policy that is doomed to failure.

It is not us that will pay for this utopian folly but it will be the next generation who will curse us for our weak hearted complicity in the fracture of our nations that are forefathers have fought so hard for. Meanwhile, our current political leaders and their allays in the media will respond to each attack by tweeting drivel on Twitter and writing useless platitudes about everyone sticking together and holding hands.  But in real politic, such tactics are as effective as a man with a full bladder urinating directly into a Gael force wind.

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