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So you’ve spent a fortune in getting your website designed, it’s looking slick, professional, and full of vibrancy, but there is one area that is missing: Copywriting.


The fact is, not having a corporate copywriter put the finishing touches on your website is like hiring someone to bake your wedding cake and then letting your five-year-old niece put the icing and dressing on the cake!


The cake and website will look like amateur hour.


A disaster.

The solution

If you want to solve this problem you should think about hiring a corporate copywriter.


Hiring the services of a corporate copywriter will ensure that the website you create will have the maximum chance of securing conversions and long-term clients.


You should avoid DIY copywriting like you might avoid the plaque.


DIY copywriting fails.

Why DIY corporate copywriting fails?

A mistake that many brands make is that they decide to do a DIY copywriting job where the visuals on the website don’t align with the copywriting. This will take away from your brand and will make the website look unprofessional, sloppy and will drastically reduce your chances of conversions.

corporate copywriter


DIY copywriting is a bit like looking up Youtube videos on Cars and then deciding you’re a mechanic. This strategy is dumb. The Car is going to break down.


Ok, so you’re thinking, “What’s the big deal? you can string a few sentences together” this will make you a copywriter. Just because someone can screw the bolts off the wheel of a car this does not make them a mechanic!

Hire a professional corporate copywriter

Would you not want your car running smoothly with a pristine finish where you can sit back in the lap of luxury and enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that everything is running perfectly? Of course, you would. The same premise is true when it corporate copywriting. Hiring a corporate copywriter can help ensure that the brand operates at its maximum potential.


In this blog post, I will touch on some of the many reasons why corporate copywriting services should be an integral strategy for any successful marketing campaign.

corporate copywriter

A corporate copywriter will make your website stand out

corporate copywriter

In an already saturated online environment, your brand is going to have to do something truly special to stand out.  A corporate copywriter will help you do this.


A top corporate copywriter should have a number of tools in their arsenal to ensure that you stand out from the pack: Marketing skills, psychology skills, an ability to research your target market, and a way with words that would make James Joyce’s corpse emerge from his grave and give you a standing ovation.


The fact is, from the very moment a user comes on to your website you’re going to be looking to make an impact.  The words that a corporate copywriter should use will need to have the power to persuade and influence.  A top corporate copywriter will appreciate that not all words are the same and that some words are far more likely to deliver a knockout blow than other words. We call these power words.


These power words, when intermingled with marketing tactics and the power of psychology can deliver a potent mix to catapult your brand to the next level.

corporate copywriter


A small business copywriter will help boost SEO

small business copywriter

A small business copywriter can help boost your SEO, and in the digital marketing sphere, SEO is the lifeblood of the system. If your corporate copywriting is not steeped in the finer arts of SEO you’re going to be setting your brand up for failure.  You can solve these problems by hiring a small business copywriter.


One of the tactics that a small business copywriter can employ to boost your SEO is ensuring that certain keywords are inserted into whatever copy is created.  The trick here is to ensure that the keywords you’re targeting are words that will have the potential to reap you a bumper harvest.


For example, there is not going to be much point in your corporate copywriter targeting keywords that are generalized and will not convert into commercial gains. The keywords that a corporate copywriter should be striving to target will be keywords that will have commercial intent or buyer intent because these keywords will be far more likely to result in conversions and leads.


In order for a small business copywriter to figure out which keywords to target they will need to figure out what goals and aims your business has. This will help your corporate copywriter to tailor-make their keywords strategy so that it maximizes its chances of success.


Overall, when it comes to corporate SEO tactics there is a whole range of strategies that are employed and this is one of the many reasons why you should hire the services of a small business copywriter. A small business copywriter can help ensure that your website is running is like a finely tuned and oiled SEO machine that will have your brand racing ahead of the opposition.


Copywriting services for small businesses can help them focus on what they truly excel at

Copywriting services for small businesses

The beauty of hiring copywriting services for small businesses is that these services will allow you to get back to what you’re really good at. Whether you’re an accountant, a finance expert, a lawyer, or whatever, a copywriting service will allow you to focus on the areas that you truly excel at.


What is the point in you wasting time on creating DIY copy that may or may not succeed, when you could utilize a copywriting service that will guarantee an end product that will deliver results?  When you factor in a cost-benefit analysis of creating your own DIY copy many businesses suddenly realize that it would be far more cost-effective if they hired a copywriting service for their small business.


For example, say you’re an accountant and you’re making $150 an hour does it make much sense for you to spend an hour copywriting and creating second rate material when you could hire a copywriting service for only $50 an hour where they can guarantee that their copywriting will deliver results?  No, it doesn’t.


The fact is, copywriting services for small businesses are an integral part of any successful marketing plan, if you’re not using such a service your brand is going to suffer both in the short term and the long term.

corporate copywriter

A freelance copywriter for small businesses will produce consistent content

freelance copywriter for small businesses


A freelance copywriter for a small business will create consistent content that will have an impactful effect on your leads and conversions. When it comes to SEO and digital marketing, consistency is going to be a huge factor in deciding whether your business fails or succeeds.


Consistency will build up a following that will grow your business.  Freelance copywriting services for small businesses will be able to create content that will be produced on a consistent basis that will produce the maximum results.


The fact is, if you decide to produce content yourself you won’t have the time to produce it in a regular fashion and you will suffer the negative SEO consequences.  A freelance copywriter for small businesses can help take the pressure of you and will allow you to achieve the results that you always dreamed of achieving.

corporate copywriter

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